Stawamus Chief

If anyone is looking for a nice "leisurely" stroll through the woods that ends with a view of Howe Sound two thousand feet below, then the Stawamus Chief is for you! This past Saturday I hiked "The Chief" with a gang from church. Located in Squamish, about an hour North of Vancouver, this 1.5 hour ascent is well worth the effort! I think the pictures speak for themselves and thankfully aid in my forgetting how much sweat it took to actually get to the top!

Howe Sound

Me, pretending to not be tired! (the rock I am on isn't as steep as it looks)

A few too many people on this rock.

Anyone got a skateboard?

"The gang"
The crazy ones in the group

The "Sea-to-Sky" highway in the distance

The parking lot way down there...

More of the gang...

Squamish down below

Logs... (I couldn't think of a cool caption...)


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