On the roof to under the roof

Well, after spending the past four months soaking up the sun pounding a hammer and providing folks with a roof over their head, this week has seen myself transition back under the roof of academia. While roofing can inspire certain thoughts relevant for discussion, the silence on this blog has probably reflected more my weariness from physical labor rather than a lack of intellectual stimulation. That said I am excited to once again enter a period of time where I have more energy to wonder about the various ideas that I am encountering in my studies and life in general. While I can’t promise a definite degree of regularity, I do plan on sharing more in the weeks and months ahead through my blog.

Here are a few of the things I have been considering over the summer and hope to elaborate on a little this fall:

-The issue of racism in our churches and how it effects our attitudes towards those around us in society.

-Is public transit really that important? (read my letter from earlier in the summer here)

-What are some issues regarding a healthy relationship between the wide variety of world religions we encounter in society (I am taking a class this fall titled “Theology of World Religions,” so I should have all the answers by Christmas!)

-Are values and how I live ethically really just up to my own personal preference? How does this relate to my understanding and involvement in the local church? (I am taking a course in ethics and probably writing my thesis in the area of responding to our culture of individualism)

Well, enough roadmapping, because before you know it I will have set unattainable goals for my blogging participation. I just thought I would break the silence with a little update on my activities.

I look forward to sharing more as the fall progresses.


Mike Todd said...

David - my only schooling this fall will be vicariously through you, so I'm looking forward to it.

Peter Thurley said...

I am looking forward to reading what you write. You may notice that my own blogging has been sparse - that has more to do with the fact that writing a blog post is not writing my thesis, which must be done by the end of November. I look forward to reading your thoughts as I procrastinate on this task.

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