If only it were this easy...

"Is your life missing something? Do you feel disconnected and unhappy? Tired of the same old tactics for personal fulfillment? Well, have we got the answer for you! Now, before we get into the details of what we are offering, let us briefly explain some of the benefits of what you’re about hear. First, the solution is easy to use and requires little time or effort to become an efficient user. Second, you will begin to notice changes occur in our life almost immediately, with situations automatically being resolved in your favor. And third, probably the greatest benefit of all is that this technique is completely free! What is this amazing method to personal satisfaction you may ask?"

"Well, let me tell you. Through intense research and experimentation our team of experts has developed a technique for personal fulfillment that will blow the socks off all others. The innovative procedures and steps lead directly the concrete results in your own personal satisfaction. It’s name, now get this (pause), you won’t believe it, is prayer. Yes, you know that religious practice many assume relates to spiritual devotion and self-denying faithfulness has now been rediscovered, captured in the motto, 'all of the results with none of the responsibility.' In our unique three step process, creatively titled, 'ask, seek, and knock,' the opportunities to use prayer to your advantage are endless. Are there any takers?"

(this is an excerpt from my sermon at church today…)


Peter Thurley said...

Sometimes I seriously miss Bakerview. I hope the preaching went well.

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