All Aboard!

This past week I took part in a newspaper letter flood on the issue of a commuter train for the lower mainland. Here's my letter that got published in the Abbotsford Times:

The Editor,

I am proud to say I am from Abbotsford. It’s exciting to see a once fledging town emerge as a diverse and dynamic community in the Lower Mainland. “A city in the country” is an appropriate description of Abbotsford’s historical roots and geographical location. However, in some respects, it’s time to move on. The challenge is that with growth, come growing pains, and this is where I believe it’s time to add a little more “city”, and have little less “country.”

The issue I want to address is public transportation, particularly the point of rail transit between Abbotsford and Greater Vancouver. How many thousands of people commute west for work, school, family, special events, etc… One only has to spend one afternoon crossing the Port Mann bridge (Yes, it can take a whole afternoon to get to Vancouver!) to realize the dire need for residents across the Fraser Valley to wake up and hear the train whistle. Cars, trucks, and SUVS are not the answer to efficient transportation. It’s not too late to consider this as a possibility that will have lasting effects on the future of Abbotsford and the entire Lower Mainland. The train needs to come, and I’m all aboard!"


Tim Tom said...

Haha, all aboard, I get it...

Anonymous said...

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