Rant of the Week: Cellphones and Vehicular Operation

A story I saw this evening on the 6 O’clock news discussed the concern many folks in B.C. have about the increasing use of cell phones, specifically by young drivers. I am completely on board with regulating (code for banning!) the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle. What frustrates me about the laws that are being discussed is that the focus of the regulation is only towards young drivers who do not yet have their full license. While I agree that the majority of people using cell phones, particularly the increasingly popular method of what the young folks call “texting,” are under the age of 25, I question the logic behind limiting this regulation to young drivers. To prove my point, let’s discuss drinking and driving, something we all agree (I hope!) inhibits our ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. What would happen if DUI was only illegal for young drivers because they are less experienced and therefore at an increased risk of an accident? How many people would support this ludicrous claim? I think the logic follows in the case of cell phone use, in that no matter the age, it hinders the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Now, this may make the lives of some less convenient (thank goodness I don’t have a cell phone!), but I think any discussion on regulating the use of cell phone should include all drivers, including the adults making the rules (who conveniently find themselves exempt in their suggestion to limit regulation to young drivers)

Enough said!


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