Caution: Church at Work!

Today was “Love (your city)" across Canada as churches joined across denominational lines to show God’s love to their communities in a variety of different ways. Now, handing out free food and drinks at major intersections may not be the most practical way of communicating God’s love for people, but behind the scenes practical projects are being done that give me cause for optimism that the church is in fact being a faithful representation of God’s activity in the world.

I had the opportunity to participate in one such project this morning. One bosses’ neighbors recently became a single mother, working three jobs to support her family. At the same time her house was in need of major repair, particularly the leaky roof. So my boss decided to approach his church about the possibility of expanding the vision of Love Abbotsford to making a permanent impact into the lives of this family. Today there were about 50 of us, ranging from roofers, framers, landscapers, painters, and everyone else in-between who went and gave the home a complete overhaul inside and out, including a new roof. The key to the whole thing is that are no strings attached. It is the church community simply saying God cares for you.

It is a breath of fresh air to see people band together and tangibly show that God cares for people, not just their “spiritual” well-being. God’s plan to have shalom restored to his whole creation extends to all things in people’s lives, right to the roof over their heads.

So next time you or I complain that the church is failing miserably in its mission to be God’s representative, take this story as an inspiring caution; the church is at work!


Peter Thurley said...

I love hearing about what God is doing through the Love Abbotsford event. I'm reminded of the fact that unless the word of God is put into practice, we are like the man who builds his house on the sand. I'm glad to hear about your basses neighbour who got a new roof today, simply because she needed it and the people of God were willing to heed the call and build their house upon the rock.

God bless you and all the others who were involved with Love Abbotsford today.

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