The dreaded “E” word – Evangelism!

I am not sure what your first reaction is when you hear the word evangelism. My first reaction is usually negative. All too often, particularly in North America, evangelism is attempted in so many different ways which end up as anything but “good news.” You probably all have countless examples already in mind. It appears as if the Christian message is simply no longer relevant in our (post)modern culture where Christianity is almost always equated with narrow-minded and archaic opinions about reality, no longer applicable to the “free” individual.

All this said the question I have been asking recently is whether or not Christianity is still “good news” in this world. I understand that for some this question is rhetoric, because of course Christianity is still relevant. While I would be prone to agree, I empathize with people who’ve had countless negative experiences with insensitive or inappropriate forms of evangelism. These situations only reinforce the argument for Christianity’s irrelevance. Some will say Christians should hold out and prod on, while others will adamantly declare Christianity’s public demise.

Where am I going? Well, I am not yet sure. Perhaps some of you have some thoughts… We are in a unique cultural situation where “spirituality” is embraced as long as it’s not related to “religion.”

So… How is Christianity “good news” in this time, and how (if it is) can this message be communicated? Basically, is evangelism still possible?

Just something I’m wondering…


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