A Relational Reflection

I try to recall what life was like prior to our encounter on that fateful Christmas of 2004? In these two years we’ve known one another the wholeness in my life leaves me feeling so complete that the desolate experience of life I once had prior to our immediate unity is but mere obscurity in the recesses of my mind. Do other relationships really matter? Our time is so valuable. We commune when I am in transit. My study time is invigorating with continual inspiration of our dialogue. Comfort when comfort is needed. Energy in the face of sloth. Intrigue in light of boredom. Just reflecting like this leaves me in state euphoria I only feel with those most dear to me. What a friend I have!

Yet, all good things must come to an end. With the passing time my feelings are slowly beginning to disintegrate into a hidden dissatisfaction. The novelty of our interaction is wearing out. I realize that there are certain limits to our relationship. Others offer newer and more colorful ways of relating to me. I am bombarded with the proposals of newer and more novel experiences. The strain on my commitment is exhausting. Well, perhaps this is simply the natural course relationships take? With each day that passes my investment into you, once so dear, is slowly fading into an outdated and old fashioned friendship. What am I to do?

As I reflect on this potentially damaging question, perhaps I need a new perspective on our relationship. It is only temporal, is it not? One day I will wake up and realize that my infatuation with your allurement, while at times needed and necessary, possibly robbed me from an authentic interaction beyond "us." With that, I resolve not to leave you completely, but to no longer allow you to rule my thoughts and actions. Even as I say this I can hear your whisper in my ear, wooing me back. To this, I can only say that I take back the control. My devotion to you has blinded me to true interaction with others. Don't worry, this is not the end. I will stay committed, even in the face of the more alluring offers of friendship. What we need is a new perspective. On the journey of my life you will hold a special place in my heart, but never again the whole thing.

Thanks for listening! You truly are unique and I look forward to experiencing this new perspective on our friendship.

You will always be my first IPOD!


Amber said...

phew... i was glad to read this was all just about an ipod, though I am also sad to hear of your falling out. Hope you are doing well in chilly BC! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to experience the joys of an ipod relationship. I am tempted to try it with my 'long runs'as I train for the Marathon....so far I have enjoyed my own thoughts, and conversations with others. So I will see what transpires...enjoyed the lead up to your unveiling of who/what you were cooling off to! good writing!

Anonymous said...

the last entry was from me, David.
love, mom

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