More government!!!

Ah yes… Last night I encountered an example of the “Ratchet Effect” at work. It came with the hot topic of global warming. I watched the investigative news show “The Fifth Estate” and it presented the approach that American and Canadian governments have taken towards the global warming issue. It actually ended up being quite depressing in its survey of both governments lack of definite action to fight this very real problem. It has become a game of words allegedly protecting the “bottom line”, rather than a fight for what is “right.” Anyway, my point here is not to critique North American government responses, or lack thereof, but to point out how it is the government that is the central focus towards fixing the problem. The main thrust of this news story was that we need the government to act! The interesting twist was that it was a former government communications expert (who finally admits to the reality of global warming) who challenged this over-reliance on the government, pointing out the need for individuals in society to start making a difference. While I know that government policies could regulate the amount of emissions put out by large companies, is it not also possible that their emissions would drop if our consumption was lowered?

Perhaps more government action isn’t the only solution…


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