buy something to give something?

Some of you may have noticed the link I have to a project called (Red)emption. A friend of mine at Regent College just happened to be watching Oprah (I am sure he was watching just to see Bono...) when they were presenting Product (Red) Campaign. Basically, the point of the whole thing is to get major companies to sell specific products, and then to send a portion of the proceeds to Africa to help fight AIDS. My friend Mike points out that it is great that money is being sent to this very worthy cause (don't feel guilty if you have supported this project!), but he also wonders how it is that we have to be enticed by the prospect of getting something "cool" in order to be motivated to give money. Good point!

Anyway, Mike and a friend of his have decided that perhaps it is possible to raise some money for Africa without having to buy products that we perhaps don't need. Hey, maybe we will actually think about the process of giving money, and not just the prospect of getting a shirt or a pair of "Bono glasses" (direct quote from our good friend Oprah). This is where project (Red)emption comes in. The idea is to get 1000 people to donate $10. All of the money raised (yes ALL) will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. If you aren't too sure about donating $$$ to some guy that Dave mentions on his blog, or you think $10 is too much money, or that AIDS in Africa is a helpless cause, well then go here to listen to Mike's response to some of these concerns...

If you interested in making a $10 donation, go to Mike's website and click on "make a donation" on the top right corner.


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